i'm just a 21 year old girl who is in love with The Followills. i love the way i feel when i listen to them.

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last night i dreamt that i bought the Talihina Sky documentary. i ran home, played it and snuggled into my bed with my teddy bear.

and yes, i still do sleep with my teddy bear.

i just had the craziest dream of the strokes. a bit long but i tried so hard cutting it down… i couldn’t.

okay so i was this small house party & the strokes were there. i didn’t know anyone so i sat alone on the couch. i tried not to watch Julian as he talked to people. i got off the couch & went to the kitchen to get some beer. i opened the fridge & it was full with different kinds. i just stared thinking of which one to get. then someone reached from behind me & grabbed a beer & told me to get what they got. i turned around & it was Julian. i was like OH FUCK. so i grabbed one & chugged it a little bit because i got all scared & nervous. then Julian started talking to me & i tried not to show him i was nervous. we dranked & talked the whole time. after 5 or 6 beers, i could tell we were getting drunk. Julian told me he saw me watching him earlier. i didn’t know what to say so i told him i was just admiring his leather jacket. then i realized that julian & i were standing real close & i tried so hard not to imagine me taking off his clothes. after a couple more beers, i couldn’t take it. i put my beer down & kissed him. he just looked at me & smiled. he put his beer down & we started to make out. then he grabbed my hand & lead me into a room. once inside i pushed him on the bed & took off his clothes, as he took off mine. then we started to have sex. sometime in the middle, as he was kissing me, i heard shuffling in the room. i opened my eyes to see Nikolai, Albert, Fab & Nick giggling & watching. Julian told them to get the fuck out but Nick was like, “dude be a nice guy & share.” they wouldn’t leave so we just ignored them. after Julian was done, we cuddled & made out some more. then Fab got on the bed & pushed Julian off. i just looked up at him as he took off his clothes. i laid there debating whether i should leave but when he started kissing me, i changed my mind. after Fab was done, Albert was next, then Nikolai, then Nick. i just let them fuck me & treat me like a ragdoll.

but then my mom came in my room & yelled my name when Nick was fucking me.

mmmm, caleb.

i made out with an ASH Caleb last night in my dream. oh what a good kisser and cuddler he was.

just had a dream that i was fishing. woke up and was like, “the fuck?”

then i thought of matthew.

my jared dream.

jared, nathan & i were at a friend’s house & everyone decided to go out, except jared & i. when they left we went for a swim in their pool, naked. after, jared took a towel & laid it on the grass. we just laid there, still naked, looking up at the sky. we started to intensely make out, then we made love. right when we were done, everyone came into the backyard & they brought more people. so there we were, on a towel, naked. i started to freak out because we left our clothes in the house. we used the towel to cover ourselves but it barely did. i was hysterical. we did not want to walk through them, so we just sat there, thinking of what to do. good thing we were far off in the corner. no one saw us but then we saw nathan looking at us & he yelled, “get some clothes on guys!” & everyone looked over at us & bursted out laughing. jared got pissed off & told them to fuck off. so we ripped the towel to cover up. i had a long strip to cover my breasts down to my vag & a piece to cover my ass. there was only a little piece left so he used it to cover his penis. so we ran to the front of the house, ran inside, grabbed our clothes & ran upstairs. once inside the room, we collapsed on the bed, laughing. jared went over to the stereo & played some music. we just laid there, still naked, singing along to the songs.

last night i had, yet another, KOL dream. it’s so long, i couldn’t make it short. sorry!

my friend & i decided to take a walk late at night. i had to take a piss so we went to mcdonalds. while i was taking a piss, two guys walked into the bathroom. i walked out to see the guy i used to like leaning on the sink & a guy with long hair & little bangs on the top of his forehead, it was Caleb. (he wasn’t famous in my dream) Caleb was right in front of me, just looking at me. i walked by him & washed my hands. when i turned to dry my hands, Caleb grabbed my by my waist & pulled me to him. he kissed me & practically stuck his tongue down my throat. he pulled away & they both walked out. my friend & i were walking down the street & the guys were walking to someones house. we snuck up behind them & i tackled Caleb to the ground. Caleb pinned me to the ground & started kissing me again. my friend dropped two baseball bats beside us & passed one to my friend, not saying anything but we knew what it was for, we were all smirking at each other. we went running down the street, knocking down mail boxes. right when we turned the corner, there was a cop car. the cop shoved us in the backseat & we chained smoked all the way to the police station. after an hour, they let us go. we walked back to caleb’s house & there’s a party going on. Caleb & i walked straight to the fridge. while we were eating, Matthew walked in & kept on looking at me. he grabbed a beer from the fridge & asked if we were dating. Caleb said we were just friends. Matthew just stood there, not saying anything & just drank his beer. i tried so hard not to stare at him. when he left i asked Caleb if he was single & he said, “yeah he’s single. now you can go fuck him!” after we were done, i secretly looked for Matthew but couldn’t find him. Caleb introduced me to Nathan & Jared. Jared also asked if we were dating, Caleb told them i wanted to fuck Matthew. after i went off to look for Matthew. i bumped into Jared & asked where he was. Jared just stared at me & finally said, “upstairs.” i found a puppy sleeping on the steps so i picked him up. i opened the first door & there was Matthew, laying on his bed, drinking a beer & smoking. he just stared at me & i went brain dead. so i put the puppy in front of my face & said in a little girls voice, “i want to cuddle with you.” pretending the puppy was talking. i moved the puppy & saw Matthew smiling. he patted the bed, telling me to sit down. he handed me a beer & we had small talk, a really small talk. the whole time we just drank beer & chained smoked. Matthew grabbed my hand, laced his fingers through mine & stared at me. i went over to him & straddled him. we just stared at each other the whole time, still holding hands. i bent down & kissed him, real slow. after a while, we started to take our clothes off. we didn’t have sex, just foreplay. i don’t know how long we were going at each other but it felt like hours. finally we stopped & tried to catch our breaths. i looked over & Matthew was already asleep, i lightly kissed him. by that time i was starving so i put my clothes on but couldn’t find my bra but went downstairs anyways. Caleb walked up to me, asked if i was upstairs with Matthew, then said i was up there for a really long time. Nathan then walked up to me & asked me about myself. i told him i was hungry, so he took me to the kitchen. while we ate, he kept on asking me questions. then i woke up.

last night i had so many dreams of KOL. i kept waking up because i was sweating, i took off my clothes & it still didn’t help.

i can’t really remember one dream though. i had more than 5 KOL dreams last night. 0__o

here’s my Caleb dream. it’s pretty lengthy, i tried making it short but it was impossible.

i was at this house party of my friend’s. there was this stripper pole in the room, so i decided to dance on it, to be funny. so i tried to imitate a stripper but was deliberately making fun of one. so i tried to dance really bad too. when i walked off, i saw Nathan, Jared and Matthew just standing there, all quiet, watching me. i was like, oh shit, they watched me make a fool out of myself. so i walked. by them with my head down and Nathan said, “that was one hell of a dance!” and to that i said, “i’m not a stripper, i was just making fun of one.” then Jared said i was pretty good and that it was hot. i was so embarrassed, so i said thanks and walked off. i sat on the couch all mortified. Matthew then came and sat down beside me. i was so nervous and he looked nervous too. i’m an awkward person, so there was a lot of quiet, awkward pauses. after a while, i got comfortable and started talking more. right when things were going good, my friend pulled me off the couch and pulled me into another room. then she shoved me into the crowd and i landed into the arms of someone. i looked up and it was Caleb. i looked down and was like, OH SHIT. i looked back up and he looked pretty pissed. so i told him that i was talking to matthew and my friend just pushed me into the room. so then he took me to the couch and we started to converse. we talked about our feelings, problems and how we saw the world, stuff like that. sometime in the middle of my life story, he kissed me. he pulled away and was like, “i’m sorry.” i told him it was okay and just continued talking. when i was done, i asked if he wanted to go in another room to talk because it was getting too loud. we were walking down this hallway, looking for a room. once we got away from the people and were alone, he drooped his beer and pushed me into the wall and started vigorously kissing me. i dropped my beer and wrapped my arms around his neck. he took my thighs and pulled my legs around his waist. while we were making out, he tried looking for a room. so the kiss was really rough and all over the place. once we found a room, he laid me on the bed, locked the door and dimmed the lights. he started looking through the person’s CD collection and put some slow music on the stereo. he went over to the bed and laid down beside me. then we started to make out again and slowly took each others clothes off. when we got down to our undergarments, we just laid there, listening to the music. he started playing with my hair and told me his life story. at the end of it, he kissed me. then we made sweet, sweet love…twice.

last night i had a dream of matthew.

so there i was, taking a bubble bath with matthew. while he was talking, i took a handful of bubbles and just stared at it. i don’t know how long i looked at it but i realized he was silent. i looked up to see matthew just staring at me with this sexy, mischievous smile. i tried to contain my giggle but couldn’t. i went over to his side and kissed him. he grabbed me, placed me on his lap and we started to makeout. after what felt like hours, we got out, matthew wrapped me in a towel, picked me up and took me into his room. then we made sweet, sweet love.

my nathan/matthew dream

so i’m hanging out on nathan’s bed with my bestfriend & nathan, who didn’t have shirt on by the way. we were just chilling, watching t.v & having some beers. i was laying next to nathan & i reached out & started tracing his tattoos with my fingers. he looked at me & smiled & i got all giggly & nervous. while i was tracing his tattoss, he started playing with my hair. my friend left a little after that, so nathan and i smoked a big ol’ fattie. the beer & the weed made me really horny & nathan having his shirt off didn’t help one bit. i tried so hard not to attack nathan, so i had a smoke to calm myself down. it didn’t really help. i started to get all hot, so i took of my shirt and pants. we just layed there, letting the dope speak for us. it was funny, i remembered we were asking so many quesitons. we ran out of beers so nathan went to the kitchen to get more. we had a couple more beers after that. after a while i couldn’t take it anymore, so i climbed onto nathan’s lap & started feeling his mucsles. having his hands on me was the best. his strong, manly hands feeling my skin, it gave me goosbumps. his eyes, oh my, i just starred at them. then he kissed me & we started to make out. then i pushed him onto his back, took off his boxers & went down on him, haha. after, he pinned me to the bed & took off my bra & panties & did the same to me. i’m not going to go in detail with that, only that he knew what he was doing. then we had sex & both passed out after. when i woke up nathan was still sleeping, he looked so cute. so i took his laptop to the bed & started chatting with matthew. i didn’t even tell him anything & he knew what we did. he kept asking how it was just to mess with me. then nathan woke up & started kissing my shoulder. he closed the laptop & started tickling me. after that, we just cuddled under the blanket. then we saw matthew at the bedroom door and nathan told him to join us. matthew started to underess himself & nathan says, “brace yourself, this is going to be a wild ride.” then i woke up & i was like noooooooooo. i always wake up at the good parts. haha but i woke up with yougurt in my pants, just like when caleb did.

another followill dream, i told you it was long!

so the followills (excluding nathan, don’t know why he wasn’t in my dream) and my best friends were over at my house. we just chilled, drank beer, smoked and listened to music. right away jared and i started talking. everytime they came over, jared and i would go off by ourselves. a couple of weeks later, jared and i started dating. one night, i was washing the dishes and my mom was yelling at me and shit. in my dream, my mom and i didnt get along. she would make me cry alot. i guess jared didn’t like seeing me cry so he went to talk to my mom. he kinda started yelling at her then she told him that he couldn’t see me. i went to my room to cry. jared came a few minutes after, crawled into my bed and spooned me. he kissed my neck and shoulder and told me he knew a way to make me feel better. he gave me three pills and he took some aswell. i took it right away without asking him what it was because at that moment i was so pissed off. right away, we started to feel the affects of the pills. both of our eyes were dilated. i don’t know what it was but it enheighted my sense of touch. jared put his hand under my shirt and rested it on my tummy. when he did that, i just went crazy. his touch drove me wild and my touch drove him wild. he stared kissing me and my body just felt so alive. then we tore eachothers clothes off and had sex. he felt amazing, it all felt amazing. we passed out after we were done. then my dream skipped a whole lot, so i guess weeks or months went by. jared and i weren’t dating anymore. one night, i started talking to matthew. after a while, we started to like eachother. one night matthew and i just couldn’t keep our hands off eachother so we made out right infront of everybody. i didn’t care, i just wanted his lips on mine. his tongue felt so good against mine. when we stopped kissing, we just stared at eachother. then we went to my room and kissed some more. after that night we started dating. a couple weeks later, just out of nowhere he started to treat me like shit. he was being a bitch to me, yelling at me, getting mad at me. he would push and hit me. one night i couldnt take it anymore, i started crying. we were hanging out on my porch and everyone just stared at me. matthew walked off. my best friends stared at like i was crazy or something then they walked off. then jared left and i just started bawling. i turn to go inside but i saw my mom so i just stood beside the door. i looked up and saw caleb standing there, with a beer in hand. he walked over and started hugging me. i rested my head on his chest and put my ear against it so i could hear his voice through his chest. it helped me calm down. then i started saying how i felt ugly and useless. he then told me that i wasn’t ugly and that when he first saw me, he fell in love with my beauty and that i’m unique and genuine and all that jazz. everyone went inside but i just stood on the porch. matthew walked by me followed by jared. jared just stood infront of me, staring at me. i looked back and saw matthew at the door, looking at us. i reached out and rested my hand on his chest but he just walked off. i looked back at jared and he told me that he still liked me. i started crying again. i told him that i care about him alot and that i dont want to hurt him. and then i told him that i really like matthew and he just cuts me off and says the he understands and left. i go to the basement where everybody was but the followills went to bed. my sister told me that i made everything awkward and that i shouldn’t have cried. i got pissed off and walked back upstairs and got ready for bed. i walked by the first room and saw caleb sharing a bed with a girl and another guy, i told him goodnight. i opened the other door hoping it would be matthew but it was jared, sound asleep. his face was lit by the moonlight, it made me smile. i walked to the edge of the bed and kissed him on the forehead. at that moment he woke up and says goodnight and told me he cares about me too and that i’m very special to him. he closed his eyes and i said goodnight. i opened the next door and found matthew sprawled on the bed in only his boxers. i crawled into bed with him and he woke up. he looked down at me and told me that he’s sorry and that he missed me. i started to kiss him. he took off my shirt and i took off his boxers but we just layed there, naked. we cuddled and talked. after a while, my stomach started to hurt so i told him. with his face lit by the moonlight, he looked at me and i saw a mischievious smile forming on his mouth. he then says he knows a way to make me feel better. with that, he crawled under the blankets, took of my panties and started to… haha you get the point. i put my hands in his hair and tugged at it a bit. all i’m going to say is that he was good at what he did. so good that i had to grab the bed sheets when things got good… and then i woke up. i woke up with a smile on my face.

had another dream of the followills last night

i wanna tell you guys the dream but it’s too long and i don’t think you’ll read it all. hmmmm, should i or should i not?

my followill dream

so last night i had a dream that i was making love with caleb. it was nice, he was so gentle with me, he made me feel goood haha. next thing i know i’m with nathan. now he was a different story. he was so rough with me, biting me, squeezing my boobs really hard but it was actually fun. then he gave me his shirt and we both passed out on his bed. then i wake up to a naked matthew taking off nathan’s shirt and a naked jared playing with me. right when things were about to get steamy, my sister comes in my room yelling my name. i got so pissed off but i’m happy that i have these dreams.